Paul Barman, M.C.

While they're on square 1, I'm on #3.

Money. To not become a dumber me.

Lyricist and Director, Househusband Records, 1996 - yearly since.
Projects blow minds, get laughs and nod necks. Invent words, create products and objects.
Not to mention, developed a Process to make work moriginal-- not less!:
What's everyone doin'?
Who? Why?
Where is there room in
What'd be truly new an'
what merely reunion?
What was promising that dishonesty ruined?
My style is substance. The teacher's a student.
You can
                leapfrog your own influence
and be a generation ahead. It seems inhuman!
Perceived opposites merge. Illuminate incongruence.
Talk about a transferable skill. My will to create, an incurable ill. If you're unfulfilled,
sis, talk to me.

Bar?uest EP, in progress.
Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud LP, 2009,
an hour of hot power of thought, a rousin good time
and to my mind the best'a me.
2008 mixtape: Full Buck Moon Kaboom aka Yestiny.
Paullelujah! LP, 2002.
It's Very Stimulating EP, 2000 debut.
Postgraduate Work 7'', 1998.
Before that, the eponymous tape.
Still on the fence?

Invented four or five poetic forms.
Changed music. Integrated diametric norms.
Balanced socio-psycho-political, point of view,
conjoined stand-up, hip-hop, novels, coined a new
word, 'vajayjay,' which spread to world lexicon.

Distil complex and long text to song.
Can draw a perfect portrait and simultaneously,
on stage to a sold-out crowd, rhyme the brainiest. We
pack a phrase so full of meaning, readers react for days.
Able to make both cartoon themes and tackle AIDS.
Work with world's greatest artists, hold my own.

"****, best of year 2000." - Rolling Stone.
"5/5." - AP. ''2009's Best Poetry.''
Dick Gregory, 1963:
''A moderate will hang you from a Lowa Tree.''

The best lessons are scalable or else gone to rest. References available upon request.