Audioketubah by mcpb
Customazing songs and scrolls for weddings and anniversaries.

Aaron and Katie sign before ceremony

"The most memorable gift from our wedding." - Niki Federman
"Not that it's a competition, but we will make it one, you and I provided the best gift.
      And the couple told me this.'' - Jordan Vogt-Roberts
"Redefines marriage in the age of divorce." - Rachel Somerstein
As seen and heard in The New York Times.

1st, fill in the Skill-In-The-Blanks.
2. Then send with a bill-and-a-half. Millions of thanks!
3. I write, record and send you the scroll of the poem.
4. The wedded frame it, the soul of their home.

Breath 2 Breath
Wedding gift from best man Ben to brothergroom Aaron and bride Katie.

Display at reception

Listening at display

At home


The Lord's hand carried me by cyclone
to stand at the center of a valley of dry bones.

He led me back and forth. The bones were very dry.
Is this where we die? Soon to marry I was not terryfied.

He said, "Katie Clark, can these bones grow?"
I said, "Patriarch, You alone know."

He said, "Prophecy to these bones, hollow as gourds.
Say to them, 'Dry bones, follow the words of the Lords.'

Say, 'I will make breath enter you, and you will be covered then
with flesh anew, to live with true lovermen.
First tendon, then skin. Then know I am Sovereign.'"

I prophesied as commanded to the dry bones
but improved on the language. I intoned,

"Breath to Breath
From birth to death
we're tethered to this Earth
with a dearth of methods to make mirth

Breath to Breath
Beneath the surface
there's a depth and girth
that defy both judgments of good or bad and monetary worth

Breath to Breath
Sobs are like guffaws
because they both come from the abdomen
and end up out the jaws

Breath to Breath
Nothing's guaranteed
Parents need both worthwhile fertile and barren seed

Wind to wind
River to rivulet
Kiss to kiss
to give you spit
Stream to stream to tributary
to unknown fib you bury

Assa Nissi Massa
Vinyasa's inhospitable to critical posture

The sun stains both the mundane
and one Jain nun lain rice on the floor
A stork alights on the shore
Some throw rice in the air
We unite during war."

The ground gave a fragile shake
with the sound of rattlesnake
till it surrounded as if by battles' quake
Dry bones were wet with flesh
but, blown, had yet breath to take.

Body with no breath, so like an orphan.
God, He told me, "Call on the four winds."

I spoke with mighty bellows
but rephrased God's cliches
(We are, after all, writing fellows):

"Link elbows, inhale
Lungs shrink and swell
Cells grow tenfold bone to bone
Clark to Cohen to
friend to, hell, Solera waiter
This nadir is a crater
also a dry well though

You are our reservoir
Yes you are
And we ride your crest home
to New York in our rental car

We all require a form of faith
whether in good work or old wraith
Square is round, spun on a lathe
The lathe, too, rotates in space
We perceive just an eighth
Let's develop like a clue
Bathe in Soni Starrshine
that envelops Mike and Sue
North, South, East and West
While there is a breath left,
exhor'th, shou'th and saith:

'On the Fifth of September
Two Thousand and Ten
If not now, then when
With brothers, our best men,
parents and friends,
grandfolks who tend to
moo-cows in the pen

Katherine Marie Clark
and Aaron Meir Cohen
lighten every dark
and marry bone to bone

In Minneapolis, Minnesota
from Head to Tail, dal Capo al Coda

We will cherish, honor,
support and respect,
reflect righteousness, justice,
lovingkindness; Protect
beauty and vision
in each new decision
enriched by the wisdom
of our own religions.
The troots in our innards
are roots of the vineyards
The oven of time bakes grapes into wine
Vine climbs above any government fine
Even above this divine covenant line
Where do I sign?
We're one of a kind
I am my beloved's
My beloved is mine.'"

___________________ partner 1
___________________ partner 2
___________________ witness 1
___________________ witness 2
___________________ officiant

Respect Duet
Surprise gift from Josh to Jen, wife of four years.
You can hear what we made together here.

3 Trees
From groom Nate to bride Ingrid. Premiered at rehearsal dinner.



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